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With the accelerated approach of the global climate- change point-of-no-return the need to address the pivotal role of renewable energy in the formation of coping strategies, rather than prevention, is more crucial than ever. Sustainability, green buildings, and the development of the large-scale renewable energy industry must be at the top of all development, economic, financial and political agendas.  The time for action has arrived. Prevention and questioning how and why we face this great challenge is a luxury we can no longer indulge. The recent Conference 13 December 2015 at Paris Agreement COP21 to limit CO2 so that the temperature will not rise more than 1.5 o C is a world significant achievement from 190 countries. WREC & WREN since their establishment in 1990 have strived to promote renewable energy through conferences, seminars, symposia, books  and journals throughout the world.

Renewable energy is growing fast providing jobs for 6 million people globally and triggering annual investment of 250 billion dollars world-wide. Renewable can drastically reduce dependence on energy imports and provide rapidly increasing contributions to urgently needed electricity demand globally.  Renewables are the cornerstones and the foundation of a truly sustainable energy future. Our mission is to promote enabling policies and to further develop a broad range of renewable energy technologies and applications in all sectors for heating and cooling, agricultural applications, water desalination, industrial applications and for the transport sectors leading to a better, cleaner and safer world. 


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